Smart Buildings

The city administration both owns and leases buildings in Bergen. The city of Bergen has decided to reduce energy use by 15 % in 2020 and 25 % in 2030 for its own buildings. To achieve this, Bergen city has established routines for energy saving and introduced a system for energy monitoring and management.

In one project, the city of Bergen has cooperated with the county and a local high school to establish a common energy system for buildings in an area. The buildings in question have very different functions and have very different energy needs for this reason. The project includes both schools, sports arenas, and an ice rink, and the system enables sharing of both heating and cooling.

In all new built and rehabilitated buildings that the city owns, new technology is tested, e.g. different types of solar panels like hybrid solar panels that produce both electricity and heat.

Streetlights using old lighting technology are being upgraded to LED throughout the city. For the most part it also includes possibility for automatic steering of the light.