Mobility Hubs seminar in Bergen

In the beginning of May 2019 the project of Mobility hubs – promoting shared mobility in cities hosted a seminar in the lead city of Bergen, Norway. The team cities of Reykjavik, Tampere, Tromsø, Stavanger and Vejle were there to discuss the development of the project and to investigate the mobility challenges in the Nordic cities.

The project is one of five common livinglab projects which is created in collaboration between cities across the Nordic Smart City Network. The City of Bergen is running the project, but the team cities are also key in developing the outcome.

The urban livinglab project is promoting environmentally friendly travel within different kinds of vehicles for example bikes, shared cars and public transportation. This is done by coupling different modes of transport in one physical place, thereby facilitating multi-modal transport.

On one hand the seminar could physically show the delegates from the team cities how Bergen has shaped the mobility hubs. On the other hand the seminar was a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and presentations.

Photos: Carl Henrik Deiting, Tromsø