5G Test Network

Home city of 5G

5G Test Network facilities in the northern city of Oulu, Finland offer unique possibilities for testing Your 5G technology, components or new services in real time. With its two closely located premises at the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 5GTN caters for the most demanding needs for 5G trials.

The current 5GTN+ project acts as verification platform for theoretical 5G research and focuses on applications and verticals. In essence, 5GTN+ project provides a state-of-the-art test platform for R&D, trials and demonstrations for its research partners. The development work is facilitated by a wide ecosystem as well as by public research and investment funding since 2014.

5GTN+ project explores selected vertical use cases and advances the resulting solutions towards productization. Examples of current vertical use cases in the 5GTN+ project include:

  • Care, wellbeing and fitness
  • eHealth in hospital and on wheels
  • Digital Factory empowered by 5G
  • Media production and distribution

The ongoing global 5G research and standardization progress is being followed closely within the project and the results are analysed and utilized for the benefit of the ecosystem.

Learn more: https://citybusiness.fi/en/platforms/5g-test-network/