EV charging in lampposts

EV owners without the possibility to charge their cars on their property will soon be able to charge their vehicles in the lampposts. Lamppost charging is a part of a new pilot project where Stavanger will test the solution in five lampposts with dual chargers. The City of Stavanger estimates that 30 electric cars can charge from this infrastructure during a day.

Stavanger will study several technical, practical and regulatory factors during the pilot project, but also have a close discussion with the citizens around subjects; like price models.

With this project, the City of Stavanger wants to remove a central barrier that potential EV owners had to consider. The hope is that this will increase the numbers of electric vehicles and improve the air quality in the city. 

If this project is a success, the municipality can scale it up in Stavanger, and transfer it to other cities. The project is a collaboration between The City of Stavanger and Lyse AS. The project has received funding from the Norwegian Environment Agency.