Open data

Stavanger is the leading city in Norway when it comes to open data. Since 2016, the city has provided non-sensitive data openly to the public trough an open portal. The regional portal now consists of over 200 open datasets. The City of Stavanger aim to provide more transparency, facilitate economic growth and create value and efficiency internally. 

As a city, Stavanger knows that non-sensitive information will benefit start-ups and local companies. This portal lowers the barrier for them to keep developing new solutions that would help the citizens. Examples of apps that have been developed with the open data is a map over the nearest public toilet and an app that lets the citizens locate the nearest defibrillator.

The mindset is fundamentally rooted in the belief that others will have the ability to see links and create services that the City of Stavanger would not have been capable of doing on their own.

From an early point, the IT department decided to create their own open data CKAN portal. Today, this is a solution were other cities can feed their data sources to the existing portal. Lowering the boundaries for opening data. 

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