Tromsø Smart City

Tromsø Smart City

Inhabitants: 75.638
Jobs: 48.549

Tromsø municipality has about 75.000 inhabitants and is steadily growing. The city is the regional capital of northern Norway.

One of the most important reasons for this rapid growth is Tromsø university, which together with the university hospital make the largest employers in Tromsø. These workplaces combined contribute to making Tromsø the regional metropol of Northern Norway.

Because of the widely developed nightlife, business, academics, and other social aspects of the city, Tromsø has been nicknamed the “Nordic Paris” as a way of reflecting upon the role the city has obtained. Though, such a growth also includes various challenges. The city’s development has to meet the population growth, and solutions within “Smart City” through the so-called “urban living labs” contribute to engaging the local population in reaching this goal.

Over some time, several projects have been developed to increase the cooperation between city and citizen.


City of Tromsø

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Tromsø drone view with clouds and water