Living Locations

In collaboration with the national centre for Design and architecture (DOGA), a few vacant buildings and shops within Tromsø city centre were transformed into so-called “living locations”, with the goal of making the central areas of Tromsø more attractive for the locals. The citizens were challenged to come with their own ideas and contributions for how the premises were to be used in this project, and in turn the buildings became social meeting places of sorts. After the project ended, the landlords, cultural developers, municipality etc. had gained valuable information and data, which could be used in further developing the city.


A similar project is taking place on a larger scale across all of Tromsø, with the same goal as the aforementioned project, which is to increase the inclusion of citizens in development. “Mycity” is an interactive website, where anyone can enter a map, select a location, and then enter their thoughts, ideas and wishes for that exact location. This will gather ideas in a very simple and straightforward way, to be considered and used by the officials in charge of development.


Photo: Carl Henrik Deiting, Green mobility Norway