Invitation to Aarhus’ smart energy city conference

Invitation to Aarhus’ smart energy city conference

We invite you to this year's energy conference - a combination of inspiring presentations and visits to the specific solutions in the city.

The READY project is one of the largest Green Smart City projects in Northern Europe. READY was launched in 2014 and will end in 2020. We will mark this by holding conference on 22 October in Aarhus - and you are invited. You can participate either physically or online.

The project is a major international collaboration between 25 different partners in five different countries where Aarhus in Denmark and Växjö in Sweden are test and demonstration cities for new green innovations.

Take part and hear the cities and partners present their knowledge from the project. If you participate physically, we will show you the solutions in the city.

At the conference, you will hear exciting presentations about:

@Sebastian Bønding Rasmussen, AffaldVarme Aarhus – Welcome
@Reto Michael Hummelshøj, COWI – The overall project
@Henrik D. H. Müller, Aarhus Municipality – Green Governance Aarhus
@Henrik Johansson, Växjö Municipality – Green Governance Växjö
@Holger Lunde Jørgensen, Ringgården Housing Association – Energy efficient building retrofitting
@Yakov Sapphire, Racell Saphire – New innovative solar panels
@Lars Barkler, Lithium Balance – Building battery storage system
@Erhardt Nielsen, Johnson Controls – Next generation sea heat pump supplies Aarhus with renewable district heating

You get to choose whether you want to participate physically or online. However, there is limited space for the physical event, so please sign up today.

Check out the program and sign up here:



READY stands for Resource Efficient cities implementing ADvanced smart citY solutions. This is based on a wide range of energy projects, which tests a variety of new, sustainable and energy-reducing technologies in synergy with the city by using smart management and storage of energy.

READY is co-financed by EU with 19 million EUR to realize the project.