Summer camp in Nordic Silicon Valley

In the Silicon Valley of the Nordics, Kista, there was a summer camp this summer. The camp is not about football or sailing. No, here young peopleĀ could learn how to create prototypes with digital technology.

The camp is organized by Inicio, an organization that wants to give young people an understanding of digitalization and future studies or career choices. Inspiration in collaboration with technology is their main interest.

The participants were 12-13 years old and came from different schools around Stockholm and were taught by students and exchange students. The mentorship is not just about sharing technical skills, but also about values regarding technology and social sustainability. Should we, for example, collect all the data we can?

The lab was managed by professor Mark Smith who wants the students to test their theory knowledge directly. His passion for digitalization creates an understanding for how it can simplify everyday life. The smart city requires smart citizens.

11 days the camp lasted. It ended with a presentation from each student with physical elements where everything needed was printed by a 3D printer.

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