6G Flagship


The flagship is sailing towards future networks, production automation, decentralized energy production and smart transport.

The 6G flagship will focus on the future challenges of wireless systems, such as future radio and network technologies, artificially intelligent distributed computation methods that these technologies require as well as development of applications. The aim is to be an active national network among future 6G players and to influence the regulation of the telecommunications industry nationally and internationally.

Future wireless technologies are needed to deliver production automation, decentralized power generation, digital health, and smart transport. The sixth generation 6G is expected to be in use by 2030. Oulu has been an international pioneer in developing previous network generations, and it tested the world’s first intercontinental public 5G network connection in February 2018 at South Korean Winter Olympics. 6G flagship’s operations combine high-quality scientific research with effective innovation in partnership with ICT companies. The existing open 5G test network is used as research environment. The test network is developed into a future 6G test network that can be utilized by the whole Finnish network of operators.

The sixth generation is launched in 2030

6G Flagship (oulu.fi)