Nordic Smart City Network

14 Nordic cities united in one smart network. Join our community today and start making your city smarter.

About the network

The Nordic Smart City Network is a collaboration project between five countries, five capitals, and fourteen cities with a common goal: to explore the Nordic way to create livable and sustainable cities.

To stay competitive in the global marked, the Nordic Cities can benefit from closer collaboration by sharing experiences and provide each other a critical mass. Learning from each other can save time and make us smarter so resources can be used more effectively to create new innovative solutions.

This website will describe the way of digitalizing smart cities in the Nordic countries by showing the living labs and relevant cases from each city. Besides being a way of sharing ideas, it is also a way to get inspired by the possibilities of a living lab in the city.

The network of smart cities will share experiences and knowledge, aiming to make the cities better for the citizen. The project involves approximately 5.300.000 million people and affect their everyday life.

The Nordic cities have the best preconditions to be global leaders in Smart City development. This is possible due to solid democratic societies that have high social trust, advanced digitalization, high degree of happiness amongst our citizens and great welfare and growth.

The focus of the project will be to develop best practices for living labs and urban development. By combining labs in the five Nordic countries and establish the best practices and shared potentials, new possibilities such as scalability for Nordic innovative companies and to attract global investment.

14 nordic cities united in one smart network

Aarhus, København, Vejle, Bergen, Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger, Reykjavik, Tromsø, Kristiansand, Tampere, Oulu, Helsinki and Stockholm

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The citylabs of our smart cities are centrally located spaces where the new technology gets in front of the citizens.

Meeting in the Nordic Smart City Network

Our partners

The Nordic Smart City Network is created in collaborations with Nordic Innovations and Climate-KIC.

Nordic Innovation
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Climate KIC
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