Dokk1 – Aarhus

Dokk1 is the name of a newly constructed urban media center on the waterfront of Aarhus. The media center itself is an innovative, intelligent and interactive building that serves as an environment for learning and exploring. It presents a dynamic space for everyone looking for knowledge, inspiration and community.

The purpose of Dokk1 is to address the increasing public demands for lifelong learning and to give access to new technology and media.

The strategic purpose is to get new, factual knowledge about the citizens use of new library rooms. The goal is to get a building evaluation to optimize furniture, wayfinding, opening hours, programs, and services.

The project has developed and tested methods and models, which combine various data, such as sensor made data and anthropological data examinations. Via sensors in the public areas in Dokk1 statistic data is gathered about users in the building. The sensors collect data from cell phones and computers by Bluetooth and WiFi. The data is anonymous and crypted for further analyzing. The treatment of every information has a statistic purpose and is always anonymous.

Dokk1 opened in 2015 and was built as part of the reconstruction of the waterfront of Aarhus.