BusinessAsema – Smart building

A street-level open-access venue that makes entrepreneurships and employment services easily accessible.

Employers and companies are provided with an easy way to find and train employees and develop business. Those planning a business are advised on setting up a company and they can access networks through BusinessAsema (‘business station’) players and events. Jobseekers, those looking for new career opportunities and school children and students get to know industries in the area, companies, their competence needs and job opportunities. They get information and an opportunity to test, develop and show their skills to the employer.

In addition to training facilities, Digipaja learning environment includes a physical workshop for design and small-scale implementation. At Digipaja, small entrepreneurs can improve e.g. their digital sales skills. The smart technology built at BusinessAsema enables the development, testing and presentation of technological overall solutions in cooperation with the city, companies, research institutions and universities. BusinessAsema’s main themes are smart and energy-efficient services in buildings, digital twin, virtuality, accessibility and cyber security.

BusinessAsema ensures that services are visible and easily accessible for companies, jobseekers and students. At the same time, BusinessAsema provides a platform for different meetings while it creates new urban culture.

Businessasema | People. Companies. Ideas.