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Copenhagen Solutions Lab

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, situated on the east coast of Zealand. The City of Copenhagen has set itself the ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2025 as the first capital in the world and will among other things achieve this through smart city initiatives.

Copenhagen Solutions Lab is Copenhagen’s incubator for smart city initiatives and develops and coordinates smart city across the City of Copenhagen.

Along with the city authorities, Copenhagen Solutions Lab tries to find the best solutions for the development and future of Copenhagen, based on the complex challenges the city faces. We identify and coordinate smart city-needs in the municipality’s departments and match them with existing knowledge and solutions on the market. In this way, Copenhagen Solutions Lab acts as a bridge between external partners and Copenhagen Municipality’s initiatives concerning smart city. Through collaborations with the research community and the market Copenhagen Municipality gains access to the innovation power that is needed to create new and effective urban solutions.


There are a wide range of Smart City projects in Copenhagen, a few examples are:

  • Project Air View – a partnership between Copenhagen Solutions Lab and Google on measuring air pollution in the streets of Copenhagen. The knowledge generated from the partnership will provide the politicians with new insight upon which they can develop public policy addressing the problem of air pollution
  • Signature AI project - Reduction and optimization of the energy consumption in the buildings of Copenhagen Municipality with the help of artificial intelligence. The project will contribute to energy- and carbon savings while reducing the municipality’s heat and electricity bill.
  • RAPID – Development of digital tools that can support the authorities’ decisions on introducing measures against Corona in the public space. Based on Copenhagen Central Station as case, the project has among other things created a 3D-model, that planners can use for digital testing of what effect potential measures in the city’s public space may have.

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