Nordic Edge Expo 2022

Event date 10 May '22 - 11 May '22
Event location Stavanger • Norway

Join us for the 8th leading Nordic event for future cities and communities right in the heart of the vibrant city of Stavanger - when the city will be shown as a living lab for cutting-edge innovation.

Theme 2022: From Awareness to Action
Citizens from both large cities and small communities all have the same basic needs. We want to live in sustainable and green communities where children can grow up and have a safe and secure future. This binds us all. How can we contribute to the green shift together – leaving no one behind? We’ve had enough of good thoughts and ideas. Now we need action!

Nordic Smart City Network at Nordic Edge
The Nordic Smart City Network will be present at the expo, and specifically participating in the following two events: 

The Nordic City Roadmap: Five-four-three-two-one-action!
This session we will showcase practical ways of applying the principles of the Nordic Smart City Roadmap. Different Nordic cities will present how they work to overcome the barriers and develop sound solutions that benefit cities and municipalities, the business community and, ultimately, the citizens. A panel discussion will follow – focusing on how we can strengthen further the cooperation between cities and between sectors in the Nordics.

11 May 2022 |  | Sølvberget, Sølvberggata 2, Stavanger
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Releasing the Power of Citizens while Safeguarding Citizen Privacy
Engaging citizens in crowdsensing projects to improve service development and delivery is of vital importance in creating smart and healthy municipalities. At this workshop you will be presented with inspirational examples and tools for releasing the power of the citizens in co-creation efforts, while safeguarding their privacy.
After three short but inspiring talks and demos, we will facilitate an interactive workshop, where you get to explore opportunities for and added value from crowdsensing and co-creation with citizens and discuss barriers and solutions for tackling personal data issues with less resources.
The workshop is part of the Nordic Healthy Cities Programme co-financed by the Nordic Smart City Network and Nordic Innovation.

11 May 2022 |  | Sølvberget, Sølvberggata 2, Stavanger
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For more general information about the expo and the rest of the programme, please visit and/or read the invitation below.