IWDK 2020

Andreas Bendtsen Vigsø
Event date 12 May '20 - 17 May '20
Event location Aarhus • Denmark

Denmark's leading digital festival with 140+ events in and around Aarhus. Join us from May 12 - 17, 2020 for a conversation about how to make business and put humans first in the digital age.

Every year, together with our partners and event organizers, we come together for a week-long digital festival with more than 10.000 participants. During the festival we discuss our digital future and put our mark on the digital age.

When IWDK (Internet Week Denmark) started in 2014, the idea was to organize a festival ‘celebrating the internet’. The development of digital technologies and digitalization of society has only increased since then, and IWDK has evolved and grown with this development. Today we are focusing on where technology takes us all; whether we are CEOs, digital professionals, social media experts, software developers, teachers, parents, kids, seniors, or students – we are all part of the digital revolution and that is what brings us together during IWDK.

The majority of the events are aimed at professionals; people working with new technologies in business, marketing, communication and education in both the private and public sector. IWDK is a festival that consists of many activities including conferences, seminars, panel debates, hackathons, workshops, art installations, exhibitions, product launches and parties. Together they create a platform for connecting businesses with students, creative and social leaders with entrepreneurs, opinion-makers with citizens. During the weekend, we focus on important everyday digital issues and involve parents, kids, students, and seniors. IWDK is a forum where we can experience and discuss the challenges digital technologies present to our society.

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