Nordic Edge 2019

Andreas Bendtsen Vigsø
Event date 24 Sep '19 - 26 Sep '19
Event location Stavanger Forum • Gunnar Warebergsgate 13, Stavanger, 4021, Norway

Welcome to the largest Smart City Event in the Nordics.

Technology is an enabler for change, but the most important asset of a liveable and sustainable community is its people. Nordic Edge 2019 is all about making a positive change in people’s lives. It’s all about: Life Actually.

Co-organizers from the Nordics and beyond will share insights on current Smart City topics including:

Future Generations / EdTech / Sustainability / Climate / Environment / Energy / Mobility / Urbanization / City Planning / Smart buildings / National Smart City Roadmaps / Procurement / Art / Sustainable food / Horizon2020 / Ethics / Health / Start-up & Scale-up and much more.

What to expect

The Nordic countries, individually and collectively, are at the cutting edge of technological and social innovation. This is why we believe that The Nordic countries can serve as a laboratory for smarter and more sustainable societies. As a result, the ambition of Nordic Edge is to be the Smart City accelerator that puts the Nordic region on the global map as a vibrant & vital region where innovative solutions for a smarter, safer, greener and better world are fostered.

2019 the Nordic Smart City Network will again be present at the Nordic Edge. More information to come.

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This is a video summary of last year's event: