Climate Dashboard

The City of Oslo has developed a pilot project to demonstrate potential of using technology in a Smart City context. The prototype visualizes climate and environmental data, such as bicycle and pedestrian counts, use of charging stations for electrical vehicles, and air quality. The data is shown in real time. In this way it is possible to present predicted data based on machine learning.

The City of Oslo aspires to make climate statistics and historical data more engaging and motivating. The mission of the Climate Dashboard is to aid the change towards a more climate friendly city, by either showing trends of the climate changes or by referring directly to the statistics and trends. The idea is that this solution also can facilitate Smart City governance and be a management tool and visualization of goal achievement within the climate change initiatives, including climate reporting, planning and follow-up for the city’s services.

The prototype also demonstrates the possibilities which underpin a Smart City, what values of data sampled, aggregated and made available, can create.