OuluHealth Labs

A unique test and development environment

OuluHealth Labs provides your product a unique, integrated health test and development environment – including professionals’ feedback – for every phase of your R&D process. The doors are open for innovative pilots that add value to patient care from home to hospital.

OuluHealth Labs comprises of three different test environments – OYS TestLab, Oamk SimLab, and Oulu WelfareLab. OYS TestLab is a development and test environment for companies to test and develop their products and ideas in an authentic hospital environment and with genuine users. Oamk SimLab can be used as a testing and development environment in the product development of health technology and welfare services. Oulu Welfare Lab is a city-wide test environment where the end-users are – at customers’ and patients’ homes and in all social and healthcare services within the City of Oulu.

Learn more: https://citybusiness.fi/en/platforms/oys-testlab/