Smart Syddjurs

Smart Syddjurs

Inhabitants: 43.015
Jobs: 14.667

Syddjurs Municipality is a Danish rural municipality north of Aarhus located in the Central Region of Denmark with an area of ​​696.70 km² and 43.015 citizens.

Smart Syddjurs is a vision of a community in which citizens, businesses and the public work actively together to use the digital technologies to secure and develop the good life in the Municipality of Syddjurs. Syddjurs sets standards in digital maturity in Denmark based on a systematic and agile approach and is known for taking new paths in relation to digitalization in public landscape. This applies both in relation to automation of processes, the citizens' opportunity for digital insight and as a leader in digital inter-municipal projects. Many of Syddjurs projects have been lifted to a national level and are today being used by other Danish municipalities.

The Municipality of Syddjurs has adopted a political strategy to become a Smart Community - that is, a smart community, where we take advantage of the opportunities in new digital solutions to use our resources in a better and new way to meet the challenges of the future. Many of these solutions cannot yet be imagined today. But they will help us to create and shape the daily life and jobs of the future, including in our municipality.

Because Syddjurs Municipality is a rural municipality, the strategic focus areas are different from the cities. This gives us the opportunity to investigate new smart areas. Based on data, the focus is to create an attractive municipality where Mobility, Tourism, Local Business, Health and Learning, are the top priority.

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