Tórshavn is creating a healthier city through better traffic data

In order to create healthier transport in the city, Tórshavn has, along with other partner cities in the Nordics, set out on a project to explore if data can be used as a tool to achieve that. 

The aim of the project is to create a healthier city by reducing exposure to pollution, creating better flow in transportation, increasing information to citizens, and improving healthier means of transport such as walking, bicycle and public transport. 

Collection of data with radar sensors  

The collection of data will be done by sensors using radar technology. The choice of radar technology makes it easier to work with GDPR-rules while citizens at the same time often feel more comfortable with radar sensors compared to sensors using video technology. The sensors themselves will mostly communicate via 4G in this pilot project but can use other technologies such as LoRaWan or NB-IoT. 

Besides measuring traffic, like cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians, other sensors will be measuring air pollution and monitoring available spots in parking areas. The aim is to create a broad set of data that will give Tórshavn a better foundation for decision making in developing the city, citizens more information regarding choice of transport and better flow of traffic. 

In Tórshavn they are currently conducting a market research looking for Nordic suppliers that will be able to provide the relevant radar sensors for the project.  

Starting small in Tórshavn  

When everything in the project has been set up and running the next step is to scale up to a city such as Reykjavík. If everything would work well in Reykjavík, the project can be further scaled up to an even bigger city like Copenhagen or Stockholm. The idea behind this has been to start small as Tórshavn is a small and closed environment and therefore optimal for pilot projects. By starting in a small city, you are able to implement the project in the city in a short time while still getting the necessary data to evaluate if your solution is working or needs adjusting.  


About the project, "Reduction in Pollution":  

  • The City of Tórshavn is lead on the project with Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Stavanger as participating cities 

  • The project is financed by Nordic Innovation and part of the overall Nordic Healthy Cities project aiming at creating supportive urban environments and living, to improve health and quality of life.