Trondheim Smart City

Trondheim Smart City

Inhabitants: 194.051
Jobs: 116.690

Trondheim is situated in central Norway by the Trondheim Fjord and is Norway’s third most populous city. Trondheim is situated where the river Nidelva meets the Trondheim Fjord, and is known as an important harbor city. The city is the major public transport and logistic hub in Central Norway and Mid-Scandinavia. Trondheim has a population of about 200.000 people. The city has a total urban area of just over 340 km2, with a population density of 557 per km2. The wider Trondheim Region has a total population of 280,000. Trondheim is a strongly growing city and has a low unemployment rate (2.5 %).

City of Trondheim

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