Analysis of motion data from Health Data project in Syddjurs has started

In Syddjurs the Health Data project is moving forward with the overall aim of gathering holistic health data in order to improve citizen’s health.  

The project has been progressing with the collection of motion data from schoolkids using Axivity wearables, examining if schoolkids move the 45 minutes, they are required to during a school day. In the other partner cities, the Health Data project is progressing as well. Existing data has been identified in Tampere with both school children and elderly people, and the municipality of Vejle and Torshavn have been identifying their potential use of data. 

Syddjurs pilot 

The pilot in Syddjurs was successfully done from marts 2021 to June 2021 involving: 

  • 2x450 kids in fourth grade (10 years old)  

  • Testing 2x10 full school´s days.  

  • Creating the biggest fully anonymized dataset ever collected in Denmark with an accelerometer on the wrist.  

To analyze the collected motion data a platform has been built in cooperation with CGI. The dataset has been visualized in Power BI reports and is currently getting thoroughly analyzed. All the collected data is anonymous and there are no personally identifiable data in the project.


During the pilot, data has been manually cleaned and processed but in the continuation of the Health Data project focus will be on automating the data uploading process.  

The motion data both contains metadata and data. These data have been manually checked and corrected and correlated with all the school schedules. These schedules have different standards and contains only planned classes, but it gives a good understanding of the overall average activity during a day in each school.  

Next phase of the Health Data project is to continue the development of the platform, to scale up, and move data to a cloud-based environment for further analysis and application.  


About the project: 

  • The Heath Data project is a collaboration between the Nordic cities Syddjurs, Tampere, Vejle and Tórshavn 

  • The Health Data project is financed by Nordic Innovation and part of the overall Nordic Healthy Cities project aiming at creating supportive urban environments and living, to improve health and quality of life.