Climate Plan Implementation in Vejle: Online Power BI Dashboard as a tool for climate action

How Vejle Municipality Optimizes the Climate Plan

Vejle Municipality has tailored their Power BI Dashboard to monitor various aspects of their climate plan, including data on energy production from wind and solar, share of electrical cars, amounts of animals in the farming sector etc. By integrating data from different sources, the dashboard provides the best possible picture of how the city impacts the green transition moment by moment. This is crucial for making rapid and effective decisions to reduce CO2 emissions.

The dashboard is accessible to everyone on the website



The presented data comes from several data sources and is compiled by a climate analyst in PowerBI.

One of the main data sources is the share of a national product called “Energy and CO2 Accounts” for Danish Municipalities. This dataset is renewed ones a year.

Other data sources as for example the share of electrical cars and the number of private oil heaters comes from the national Danish statistics office. These datasets are renewed monthly.

The dashboard also includes results from surveys among local citizens about their transportation habits.


Benefits of Online Power BI Dashboard in Climate Planning

Access to updated data enables city decision-makers and citizens to gain immediate insight into how their actions affect the green transition. This allows for quicker responses to changes and adjustments to strategies.

The collection of the most relevant and accessible data in one place makes the everyday work easier for the municipal employees working with the climate agenda. Knowledge sharing in the large organization is systemized by making sure that everybody has access to the same data.

An open dashboard can also involve citizens. When people are aware of their environmental impact, they are more likely to change behavior and support local initiatives. The climate plan, the necessary actions and the progress is also a topic in a new exhibition in the local sustainability center Økolariet.

By incorporating technology such as Power BI into their climate planning, Vejle Municipality demonstrates how Nordic cities can work towards sustainability in the digital age. This approach contributes to a greener city and fosters a more informed, engaged, and responsible community.