Industri 4.0 or human 4.0?

Smart City Vejle

Conversation about people and technology with

Jacob Remin, artist and internet activist.

Klavs Birkholm, CEO of the Think tank TeknoEtik, journalist and editor on “De skjulte algoritmer”.


In this conversation about people and technology, we create room to become wiser on both the technology and ourselves. What is an algorithm really? Who has made it and why? Does the technology support our values, our democratic tradition and all that we find meaningful? And if not, how can we take the power over technology back? Klavs Birkholm and Jacob Remin take us behind the user-friendly interfaces and give us a look into the political and very physical structures behind the so-called internet cloud.


All citizens and employees that are concerned about how technology influence our lives.


The first hour will be talks by the two invited speakers and the next hour is a common reflection and conversation.

The venue is in English.

The venue is free, but sign up is compulsory here: