Smart City Malmö

Smart City Malmö

Inhabitants: 345.000

Jobs: 185.285

What can we do, with the help of technology, to make life easier and better for the people in Malmö? This is the main question asked when planning a digital initiative according to the City of Malmö’s digital program, Det digitala Malmö (Digital Malmö). The program has four different focus areas, of which Smart City is one.

The City of Malmö has challenges: public health is unequal between different parts of the city, the unemployment rate is high especially among young people, fewer people have to pay for the service of more. The expectations of the service level from the city are increasing, with digital channels, transparency and accessibility taken for granted. At the same time, the City of Malmö has possibilities such as a young dynamic university, entrepreneurial businesses, strong civil society and innovative industry that want to contribute to developing the city.

The focus area Smart City aims to enable a closer interplay between technology, places and people by increasing the digital transformation in the physical space of the city.

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