Smart City Vantaa

Smart City Vantaa

Inhabitants: 233.000

Jobs: +100.000

Smart city in Vantaa is a combination of collaboration and networks. Active co-operation with business life together with a strong emphasis on RDI projects enables the city to solve genuine needs in building a more sustainable city life. The city of Vantaa is a city as a lab.

Vantaa is a relaxed international airport city in the middle of the metropolis. It is the fourth biggest city in Finland with more than 233,000 inhabitants. Different cultures blossom freely, and more than 110 native languages are spoken in Vantaa. Vantaa is an attractive city that grows fast. The city consists of seven major regions, and its characteristic city centres keep on urbanizing.

Thanks to its location and accessibility, Vantaa is an excellent place for businesses. More than 11,000 companies operate in Vantaa, providing more than 100,000 jobs, and the fastest-growing business area in Finland, Aviapolis, is situated right next to the airport area.

Vantaa offers its residents high-quality public services as well as myriad leisure-time options. The city has a vivid cultural provision, versatile exercise places, and a comprehensive service network. In addition, wherever in Vantaa you may be, you will always be close to nature. For most Vantaa residents, the closest outdoor recreation area is just 300 meters away.

It is easy to live and move around in Vantaa. Public transportation is flexible, and the majority of Vantaa residents live within a 1-kilometre radius from a train

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