Smart Aarhus

Smart Aarhus

Inhabitants: 340.421
Jobs: 190.911

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, and is situated in central Jutland at the east coast of the mainland of Denmark. The city has approximately 340.000 inhabitants. 

For most people the idea of a City Lab is far from tangible. But the area of Aarhus City Lab has solutions and experiments, which connect citizens behavior with digital measurements, and by using data making the city more citizen friendly. The primary focuses are mobility, parking, waste, digital art & culture, events, exhibitions, public hearing, interactive installations, incentives for exercise and much more.

The City Lab is placed at the harbour area in the city center, where it will function as a playground for partners, a test facility for current and future EU initiatives and a place where Aarhus can develop its digital citizenship  but actually the test facility stretches across the city.

Aarhus is one of the first cities to have a public owned city wide LPWAN – based on LoRaWAN for IoT devices. This makes it possible to connect devices and sensors across long distances on low costs, which enables new types of solutions and experiments. At the City Lab site water temperature and pH level is measured and so is air temperature, humidity, water level, pressure, soil moisture, etc. The sensors also make it possible to follow the citizens behavior at the test facility. Through completely anonymized data of the inhabitant's movement patterns, it is a way for the authorities to optimize the city for e.g. tourists. By collecting all kinds of data, it is possible to improve the city and make a better city for the people who live in it  for example improving the mobility in the city by retrieving data of traffic.


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Line Gerstrand
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