Reduction in Pollution

The project aims to reduce exposure to pollution, improve traffic flow, ensure safer and healthier cities and increase information to the public. Using data can enable a better flow in traffic for buses, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Combining this data with pollution measurements can further help in urban planning and improving various methods of transportation. In the end, the main driver of the project is ensuring improved health by reducing pollution and exposure to pollution.

More specifically, the aim of the project is to make a working model that can further be rolled out in the city as a part of Tórshavn Smart City ambitions and scalable to other countries and larger and more complex cities.

The start of the program will consist of three main parts: Parking, Traffic (vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians) and Bus Travelers. All parts will use the same radar technology to register and trace traffic. Radar has been chosen instead of video stream due to GDPR and privacy issues. Combining transportation data with pollution measurements will give us fundamental sets of data for decision making e.g. better traffic flow and improved circumstances for cyclists and pedestrians. At the same time a market dialogue or agile piloting will be carried out to get input to solutions from the market and possible innovative products.

A long term and more detailed plan will be worked out after proof of concept and a test run with the participating cities of NSCN. Furthermore, existing knowledge from other projects will be applied in order to find and explore more innovative ways of using the collected data and in the end creating a healthier environment in terms of transportation.