Vejle Resilience Lab

Vejle has become one of the first Resilient Cities in Scandinavia. It is a global initiative, where you are committed to develop solutions that will make our planet greener and smarter. By 2050 there will be 2 billion more people on the Earth and 75 % of them will live in the cities. Therefore, it is important to develop solutions now, which can prevent the problems the increasing population will cause. We have to use our resources smarter.

Resilience House is an example of a facility in Vejle that can develop smart solutions to the future challenges. For example smart heat and cooling systems, energy saving, and green transportation. It is possible to interact with test and demonstration facilities. The house and its surroundings are both for development, showing and implementing the different solutions. Besides housing different organizations it is also a place for conferences, workshops, and education.

The house itself is 2.600 m2 and houses 150 knowledge workers. They create the resilient city solutions of the future.