Virtual Reality Studio

As the first city in the Nordics Vejle has built a Virtual Reality studio to display the future projects in the city. New buildings, plans and scenarios are visualized in a 1:1 3D model and politicians, citizens and investors can have a close and detailed look. The digital model of the city facilitates the dialogue ahead of new development in a democratic way, where everybody have the same information available.

It is a living lab, because real buildings and projects are built and fit into the existing city, but only digitally. In that way, projects are improved due to the digital use and errors are way cheaper to correct in a digital model than in the real building process, for instance nursing homes, schools and other public buildings.

In the VR studio, future scenarios related to e.i. congestion and climate change can be visualized based on real data and predictive models.

User driven innovation based in the local fablab and the creative hub of Spinderihallerne can be showcased in the Virtual reality studio.

Take a look inside the studio.