Health Data

The cost structure of countries with government provided healthcare and welfare is facing challenges via longer lifetime expectation and distorting age distribution. The current service offering model is not financially nor resource-wise viable and new ways to utilize digital solutions, data, automation and support should be introduced. We need to support healthier lifestyle starting from childhood and better self-sustainability for elderly people. 

Purpose of the project is to get a holistic view to health data by combining different public and private data sources.  This enables individuals to improve their health, support healthcare organizations to create better and more effective services and to make the citizens more aware about their own data and how to use it efficiently and safely. In the long run, as real-time information increases, data can be used to create predictive and prescriptive healthcare, which allows more timely and more cost efficient healthcare services. 

The project consists from pilots run by Tampere, Syddjurs and Vejle. In the pilots the goal is to have a solution gathering data from selected focus groups on their activity. Every individual or their custodian will have control over their data to allow or deny the use as well as understand where and how it is used. A unified data model is formed for the collected anonymized data, which enables its joint use. For demonstration purposes, gathered data will be used to build benchmarks on activity among the peer group.