Smart Tampere

Smart Tampere

Inhabitants: 232.932
Jobs: 115.727

City of Tampere in Finland aims for innovative and sustainable smart city solutions through cooperation between companies, organizations, municipalities and citizens. The aim is to create better services for the citizens, and serve as a partner, a platform and a reference for the companies on their way to the international markets.

The strategic economic programme Smart Tampere faces this from two angles. From the inside, it is taking the city’s own services to the digital age through agile testing. On the outside, it helps businesses create new business models and smart city solutions through ecosystem building, agile piloting and platform creating.

The ecosystem building focuses on smart city themes that are known to be strong in Tampere. For each focus area the city has named a Theme Manager from the city and an Advisory Board consisting of business and education institution representatives that have expert knowledge of the focus areas. The Advisory Board steers the actions of the city and brings vision of how the public entities should support focus area ecosystems. The aim is to create the best solutions in the most sustainable and smart way.

The concrete way the city helps new business models and new innovation are for example the different test sites and platforms the Smart Tampere programme has created.

A few examples:

  • A cloud based test site for 5G solutions in Hervanta city district built in cooperation with Nokia Oyj. (Read more from below.)
  • A lighting control system in the city district of Viinikka. The district will have a comprehensive fibre network. A block-by-block concept, developed by Wirepas Oy and Capelon Ab, will be piloted as a platform solution that is based on an open IoT platform, which gives service providers an opportunity to integrate their sensors or apps into the system. Soon Tampere can determine, for example, the number of free parking spaces and the amount of meltwater in gutters. Companies and other organisations are welcome to use the platform to develop their own smart city services and products.
  • The future smart and sustainable city district of Hiedanranta will be a platform for sustainable solutions and circular economy.
  • Tampere 3D Unity Model is a digital twin of Tampere where city development and construction projects can be presented in one city model. As the data increases the model gets more and more useful for companies developing their city based products.
  • Tampere Tram (up and running in 2021) will function as a test platform for new technology. Already in the development phase the Tram is used as a test site for new services and when finished the plan is to assign at least one of the 19 trams for development purposes.


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