AI to help job seekers

The City of Tampere is testing an artificial intelligence based assistant which helps job seekers to uncover their latent expertise and skills. The application then immediately suggests relevant open positions based on the person’s skills profile.

The Osaamisbotti is a conversational software robot (chatbot) that asks the jobseeker about his skills and interests. The Osaamisbotti is probably the first chatbot to ask the customer about his skills. Typically chatbots are used in customer service on a website, whereby the customer asks a question that a chatbot will provide the most appropriate response from the  answer options. The Osaamisbotti works on the contrary. It asks the jobseeker questions about his competence and selects an appropriate further question based on the jobseeker's response. The advantage of a chatbot is that it does not get tired to ask for more and it is never in a hurry.

The application runs on instant messaging service Skype. Jobseekers answer questions asked by the chatbot by typing.

 After a 15 minute chat session, the jobseeker receives a competence card. The competence card is not so much about what the jobseeker has done previously, but what he or she is interested in and what he or she would want to invest in the future, says Project Manager Minna Vierula from the Smart Tampere Program.

The application uses the competence card when looking for suitable open vacancies from the national portal of open vacancies. Find it here.


Photo: Osaamisbotti