The Smart City Cookbook

The Smart City Cookbook provides an introductory guide with a set of examples that cities and other smart city program leaders can utilize when planning and managing their smart city activities. Examples in the book are from the Smart Tampere program by the City of Tampere in Finland.

The Smart City Cookbook is based on best practices gathered from cities worldwide and supported with examples gathered in the City of Tampere’s smart city program, Smart Tampere. The book provides an introductory guide that program managers and developers may use in defining the operational framework for managing their smart city activities.

– The cookbook is based on experiences we have gathered from our smart city activities in Tampere and hopefully it inspires people working with this theme both in Finland and cities internationally. We wish to share our smart city know-how and tell how about our learning path. Of course, we also wish to raise the awareness about Tampere as a smart city, says the author Nick Cotton, Project manager, Smart city education and operational development at the City of Tampere.

The 56-page, pdf format, Smart City Cookbook defines the key elements for a smart city program and gives guidance on their implementation. For example there is guidance and a related template for creating a smart city program vision aligned to a city’s strategic vision. This can then be driven forward incrementally by a smart city roadmap, at both strategic and tactical levels. A further example of the books practical content is measurement frameworks. Here a scorecard framework, to indicate strategic goal focused progress is available. These approaches can be re-used by smart city programs.

– At the heart of developing, sustainable and a safe city that offers high quality services are the citizens. People are at the center of innovation and change, and that is a message that is at the heart of this book, says Cotton.

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