Carbon Neutrality and Resource Wisdom

Turku wants to take smart and sustainable steps. This is closely connected with the plan to reach the City’s climate goals. The objective of the City of Turku is to be carbon neutral by the year 2029. To achieve this goal, the greenhouse gas emissions in Turku region will be cut by at least 80 percent by 2029 compared to the level in 1990.

In co-operation with the partners of the city, we commit citizens and the city’s interest groups to achieving with us the goal of carbon neutrality. At the same time, we introduce a model for estimating the environmental and life cycle impacts of investments and procurements done by the city.

The vitality and the growth of the city must be built on an ecologically, socially and
economically durable basis. We will carry out the resource wisdom principles related to zero emission, zero waste and sustainable use of natural resources by the year 2029.

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