Mobility HUBS

The high land use by parking or other immobile means of transport causes problems in inner city neighborhoods. In solving these problems, the general mobility patterns of the inhabitants have to be taken into account. Multifaceted mobility offers should also consider cars, for example via car sharing. By better combining the various mobility offers, areas may be reactivated for social and ecological functions.

Urban renewal, air quality planning and integrative transport planning can be combined to improve the quality of the urban life. In doing so, the city uses synergy effects between the related measures. Car sharing plays an important role when relieving inner city neighborhoods from parking pressure. Integrating car sharing into the parking space management of inner city neighborhoods and combining it with other transport modes is an essential element.

Mobility hubs combine car-sharing station on public street space linked to public transport, cycle routes, bicycle parking, real-time transport information and pedestrian facilities.

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Are Børjesson explaining Mobility Hubs