Citylab storytelling

A selection of videos from our Urban Living Lab projects

Mobility hubs – Bergen

In the following video Are Børjesson explains how the City of Bergen has worked with the project 'Mobility Hubs'. Mobility Hubs  promoting shared mobility in cities is a collaborative project between Bergen (lead), Reykjavik, Tampere, Tromsø, Stavanger and Vejle. The projects aims to promote environmentally friendly travel and solve the last/first mile challenge. This is done by coupling different modes of transport in one physical place, thereby facilitating multi-modal transport. 

Learn more about the project here

People and flows

People and flows

Wayfinding – Helsinki

In the following video Kaisa Spilling explains how the City of Helsinki has worked with the project 'Wayfinding & Smart Furniture'. Wayfinding & Smart furniture: City guidance and beyond is a collaborative project between Helsinki (lead), Tampere, Tromsø and Stavanger. The project aspires towards new innovative digital solutions establishing better city experiences and wayfinding using smart street furniture.

Learn more about the project here