Smart waste management

The City of Stavanger has used Smart City technology to handle waste in private homes for several years. Using this technology makes it easier for the inhabitants to get rid of their garbage, and the city saves time and money. 

Buried waste containers

Today, Stavanger has around 2500 buried waste containers equipped with sensors, battery and solar panels in the region. The sensors let the city knows how much waste it contains and battery level. This data is transferred directly into a system that optimizes the garbage collectors’ routs.

This technology gives more effective driving routes which are better for the society and the environment. Other municipalities have implemented the same solution and is operated in collaboration with the City of Stavanger.

Fill rate, type of waste and location of the containers are available as open datasets at

Surveillance recycling stations

In a pilot project, Stavanger is now testing out surveillance at two recycling stations in the city. The City of Stavanger surveillance the stations to comprehend with the ongoing problem with people leaving waste that does not belong there. This problem has for a long time given the city a lot of extra work and expenses having to clean up around the stations daily.

With the new surveillance system, a camera switches on when it detects that someone is placing garbage that does not belong there. A voice then tells them that they must take the trash to one of the larger recycling centers at Forus or book a free pick-up from

The project has lead to a significant decrease in cleaning jobs around the recycling stations for the city. The City of Stavanger collaborate with Lyse AS, Onsite Security, The City og Sandnes and Fretex.

Photo: Miljø og Renovasjon, City of Stavanger