Utility holes

Stavanger consist of over 14.000 utility holes. The utility holes make sure the rainwater finds its way down to the sewage, but sand and leaves clog the holes regularly. A few high-risk utility holes have priority among the maintenance crew and get cleaned on an ad-hoc base. The maintenance crew needs on average two and a half year to complete a round of maintenance and prevent overflow which often results in flooding and insurance claims.  

Today, Stavanger have installed level meters in selected high-risk utility holes. The maintenance crew can now plan their work and rest assured that the high-risk locations are looked after. In this project, we test technology and user-friendliness together with Atea AS and Lyse AS.

The City of Stavanger uses the city's sensor network to connect the level meters and publish all the data that is created as open data.

This project will lead to better response time, optimized driving routs for the maintenance crew and severe savings for the city.