17 Nov 2023 in News

Stavanger Smart City in Stavanger municipality participates in the EU project Airmour, which develops and tests drones for use in emergency situations.

6 Nov 2023 in News

Stockholm is leading the way in intelligent traffic management to create a more sustainable city for all

13 Oct 2023 in News

Vejle Municipality has taken a step toward a sustainable future by implementing an Online Power BI Dashboard displaying fresh data related to their climate plan.

4 Oct 2023 in News

Bærum municipality in Norway uses smart technology in order to save energy and reduce light pollution.

30 Aug 2023 in News

On average, it takes 37 weeks to onboard a non-EU employee. The City of Oslo aims to reduce this to three days.

8 Aug 2023 in News

KartAi is an exciting interdisciplinary innovation project which explores the potential of digitalisation for municipal case processing.

27 Jun 2023 in News

The City of Turku embraces process automation and AI for a smarter, citizen-centric future.

13 Jun 2023 in News

The City of Espoo has organised a design competition seeking visionary concepts for reusing building parts in the vibrant Kera area."

2 Jun 2023 in News

The City of Aarhus, Aarhus University, organizations, and IT giants has signed a letter of commitment for collaborative cyber security in Aarhus.

28 Mar 2023 in News

In Vantaa, a climate cooperation project has taken place to work towards reducing regional carbon dioxide emissions.

12 Oct 2022 in News

Syddjurs Municipality has found a way to optimize the cleaning routine.

2 Aug 2022 in News

In Oslo, the city innovation program “SmartOslo” is funding demonstration projects initiated by a city entity in partnership with a startup partner.

25 May 2022 in News

Find out how Turku is becomming a data-driven city of smart decision-making in this "Smart City Update".

20 May 2022 in News

The Art Museum in Vejle is using AI to gather knowledge about the use and users of the museum.

21 Apr 2022 in News

City of Stockholm is exploring the potentials of IoT and data sharing in the largest urban development area in Sweden, Stockholm Royal Seaport.

11 Apr 2022 in News

Last week the Nordic Smart City Network was united in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands for a couple of days of knowledge sharing, inspiration and planning for future projects.

4 Apr 2022 in News

Get the latest update from Tampere about the use of different types of data improving both public health and safety.

1 Mar 2022 in News

The city of Bergen is developing a platform for data storage and use in a "data lake" project. This will help secure better city planning and monitoring of the effects different measures has on the city.

22 Feb 2022 in News

Get an update on two projects in Kristiansand utilizing technology in different ways to support citizen engagement.

9 Feb 2022 in News

Reykjavík is setting up a network of smart air quality sensors and planning on sharing the data with the public on a special web portal.