19 Nov 2019 in News

The City of Stavanger in Norway was looking for a flexible way to develop and test new urban services and increase co-operation between the city and startup companies. To this end, Stavanger is now starting to adopt the urban development model called Agile Piloting, which was created for similar needs in Helsinki, Finland in the Smart Kalasatama project.

18 Sep 2019 in News

How might cities design and develop wayfinding and guidance to enable better city experience? The Nordic cities are sharing the aim to make the city space a better experience for citizens and visitors. The Nordic seminar in Allas Seapool Helsinki gathered the Nordic Smart Cities Network and the Finnish 6AIKA Smart City Guidance project to discuss and share the insights gathered in a collaborative project on wayfinding and better city experience.

16 May 2019 in News

In the beginning of May 2019 the project of Mobility hubs – promoting shared mobility in cities had a seminar in the lead city of Bergen, Norway. The team cities of Reykjavik, Tampere, Tromsø, Stavanger and Vejle were also there to discuss the development of the project.

9 May 2019 in News

Approximately 1,800 international urban developers have already learned more about the smart urban solutions in Kalasatama. Also CNN and Le Monde, for example, have covered the district of Kalasatama, which is garnering plenty of international interest. Currently, the area is home to Kalasatama Urban Lab, which invites interest groups to develop a smart future city together.

11 Apr 2019 in News

In the first two days of April the Nordic Smart City Network was united in the capital of Iceland. This meeting created space to explore collaborative smart city solutions and future projects within the network. But it was also an opportunity to learn from each other’s strategies and involve the partners from Nordic Innovation and Climate KIC.

21 Nov 2018 in News

Telia is the first operator to open a 5G network in Oulu. With the network, the Oritkari-Nuottasaari area will become one of the world's first industrial 5G environments.

13 Nov 2018 in News

On Wednesday the 7th of November Trondheim Municipality, together with it's partners, kicked off the +CityxChange project in Trondheim. The kick-off lasted for three days with nearly 90 participants from 32 partners. One of the main targets for the kick-off was to determine how to create open, collaborative and engaging partnerships.

13 Nov 2018 in News

Kalasatama Urban Lab, opening in late November 2018, acts as a meeting place for companies, residents and the City of Helsinki. Events organised there have the aim of developing the smartest, most climate-positive district in Helsinki. Come and develop the city at Kalasatama Urban Lab or organise your own event!

9 Oct 2018 in News

Smart City Vejle: In this conversation about people and technology, we create room to become wiser on both the technology and ourselves. What is an algorithm really? Who has made it and why? Does the technology support our values, our democratic tradition and all that we find meaningful? And if not, how can we take the power over technology back?

13 Sep 2018 in News

The municipality of Copenhagen has faced the parking problem by collection data from 30 different sources which includes parking and traffic situations, incidents, events, excavation work, etc. Those historical data and real time data are merged, and through algorithms and technological equipment it is now possible to predict where to find an empty parking spot.

13 Sep 2018 in News

In the Silicon Valley of the Nordics, Kista, there was a summer camp this summer. The camp is not about football or sailing. No, here young people could learn how to create prototypes with digital technology.

13 Sep 2018 in News

Jätkäsaari is a testing ground for new mobility solutions and a showcase for smart transport to the rest of the world. In the summer and autumn, Jätkäsaari is being used to test four new mobility services and solutions in a real urban environment and with real users.

13 Sep 2018 in News

A project in Stockholm may result in better night sleeps without being woken up by health care staff. Also the project may reduce the number of urine leaks by half.. It is one of the very first tests of smart incontinence protection  for elderly citizens.

13 Sep 2018 in News

In Kulturhuset in Stockholm is the Stockholm Room. Here visitors can get an exclusive view of new residential districts, even though they are not finished yet, or not even started through 3D tables and VR headsets.

13 Sep 2018 in News

A new partnership between the municipality of Copenhagen and Google offers the opportunity to measure air pollution inside Copenhagen, street by street.

13 Sep 2018 in News

How does a new 3,3 billion euro metro line affect urban life? The City of Copenhagen invites innovative companies from the Nordic region to help them collect data about transport patterns around the new metro stations opening in 2019.

13 Sep 2018 in News

The accuracy within a few meters might not be important when a family uses a GPS for driving during the vacations. But for the development of the society and the applicability of new automatic systems and technologies new and accurate positioning systems are required, and the demand of those positioning system will only rise during the years to come.