1 Mar 2022 in News

The city of Bergen is developing a platform for data storage and use in a "data lake" project. This will help secure better city planning and monitoring of the effects different measures has on the city.

22 Feb 2022 in News

Get an update on two projects in Kristiansand utilizing technology in different ways to support citizen engagement.

9 Feb 2022 in News

Reykjavík is setting up a network of smart air quality sensors and planning on sharing the data with the public on a special web portal.

22 Dec 2021 in News

The City of Oulu is developing a new chatbot service called OuluBot. The purpose is to provide a nerve centre for customer service that is more multifaceted that traditional chat solutions and understands customer needs better than today. With OuluBot, the city is trying to respond to the citizens’ demand after quick and easy information about city services.

16 Dec 2021 in News

Espoo is advancing digital solutions and better digital services with its Digital Agenda Program. The aim is to increase the efficiency and quality of Espoo’s digital services by identifying feasible development ideas and implementing these through controlled experiments and involvement of the citizens.

9 Dec 2021 in News

In Syddjurs the Health Data project is moving forward with the analysis of the motion data that was successfully collected in the Spring from schoolkids wearing wrist sensors.

2 Dec 2021 in News

Can you create a healthier city through better traffic data? Together with other Nordic cities, Tórshavn has set out on a project to explore just that question and create a better foundation for reducing exposure to pollution, creating better flow in transportation, increasing information to citizens, and improving healthier means of transport.

24 Nov 2021 in News

Green spaces play a key part in ensuring the wellbeing of people and nature in cities. Through different projects Helsinki is testing and developing smart and green solutions based on virtual reality that engages the citizens in the planning of green infrastructure in a co-creative and innovative way

18 Nov 2021 in News

Copenhagen Solutions Lab have just finished a partnership project about self-learning and data-driven solutions for district heating, that shows great potential for economic, energy-related, and CO2 related savings.

11 Nov 2021 in News

Citizens gather large amounts of data through their personal devices that could benefit the municipality’s planning and innovation processes. The use of such data creates challenges around trust, security, and data compliance. In the crowdsensing pilot project “I ♥ ViGÅ” Stavanger municipality aims to use personally generated data from heart rate monitors in a safe and co-creative way.

2 Nov 2021 in News

The Smart City must be driven by the city's challenges – not technology. That is the mantra of Smart Aarhus’ new strategy, where technology isn’t implemented for the sake of technology, but because it makes sense.

22 Oct 2021 in News

The City of Vantaa has a clear focus on making the city smarter and more sustainable when it comes to food. So, through different projects the city is starting to make food more local, alive, sustainable, and adapting new circular production and business models.

19 Sep 2021 in News

Together with our partners, the Nordic Smart City Network are launching the Nordic Smart City Roadmap today, outlining the way for more sustainable, humancentric and inclusive cities

2 Sep 2021 in News

How much, how, and when do children actually move during a school day? These are some of the questions Vejle Municipality are trying to answer by collecting data on the pattern of movement of school kids. Equipped with wrist sensors, students from six different schools are going to participate in the data collection and help to show how much children move during a school day

10 Aug 2021 in News

As a city Vejle is challenged by water and floods from both the fjord and heavy rainfalls. The new recreational climate park, Tommy Troelsens Park, is therefore an important strategic step in the city’s efforts to keep floods away from the city’s basements and streets.

5 Aug 2021 in News

Turku has implemented new technology which has significantly sped up the process of getting tested for COVID-19 and receiving the results. Artificial intelligence and robots are also useful for purposes such as counselling and organising vaccinations.

22 Jun 2021 in News

The City of Tampere in Finland has set the goal of becoming a forerunner for smart transport and autonomous mobility. One of the goals is to utilize automatic buses as part of the transport system. At the moment, a test area where companies can test and develop various smart transport solutions is being developed in the Hervanta area in southern Tampere.

26 May 2021 in News

How to support the development of healthy, inclusive, and green neighbourhoods in the Nordic cities? Five of the Nordic cities from the Nordic Smart City Network launched an open call seeking for agile pilots for this challenge to be piloted in three Nordic urban labs. The pilots have now been selected and they will be run with local urban labs in Helsinki, Vantaa and Stavanger.

7 May 2021 in News

Due to climate change and the increase of impermeable surfaces more stormwater is produced. In order to tackle this problem, the city of Bærum has started an innovative partnership and procurement process where a private supplier will have the opportunity to develop an innovative decision-making tool/software for stormwater management.

29 Apr 2021 in News

The Helsinki Innovation Districts project is based on the development carried out in recent years in the new smart city districts of Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari. The idea is to expand and scale up the best practices, learnings and ways of developing smart everyday life to new districts.