20 Apr 2021 in News

In collaboration with several partners the City of Oulu will implement a 5G pilot at Hiukkavaara school in Oulu. The pilot is part of the “Sustainable Future” theme of phenomenon-based learning and aims to deepen learning by enriching it through means enabled by new technologies.

13 Apr 2021 in News

A company’s competitive strength is built on competence, continuous learning, curiosity and openness to experimentation and new technologies. Under the 6Aika projects, companies, educational institutions, and the city have come together in all kinds of new ways.

6 Apr 2021 in News

The 6Aika projects invest heavily in low-carbon solutions which have translated into ecologically sustainable business operations, new innovations, and resource- and material-efficiency

15 Mar 2021 in News

Last week Syddjurs Municipality started collecting motion data for the Nordic Healthy Cities projects, Health Data. Until the summer vacations the municipality will collect motion data via wrist sensors from alle fourth graders in the municipality.

8 Mar 2021 in News

Through Building Dignity, The City of Bergen tries to concretize how the design and development of municipal buildings and properties can contribute to achieving the goal of an inclusive urban community.

4 Mar 2021 in News

Due to the world situation the digital event Internet Week Denmark (IWDK) will live up to its name this year as it is to be held completely virtually when the event runs from the 4th to the 9th of May.

25 Feb 2021 in News

Together with Design and Architecture Norway and a number of Nordic collaboration partners, The Nordic Smart City Network invites you to take part in the third, and final, digital workshop in the Nordic Smart City Vision initiative

22 Feb 2021 in News

Five Nordic cities in the network are launching an open call for agile pilots seeking innovative solutions to support the development of healthy, inclusive and green neighbourhoods.

19 Feb 2021 in News

The City of Stavanger in Norway will for the second time facilitate an agile piloting project. This time with the aim of challenging five companies to test new solutions that can contribute to making the archipelago a better tourist destination.

12 Feb 2021 in News

The City of Copenhagen’s Smart City incubator, Copenhagen Solutions Lab, have just finished a pan-European project with the aim of developing digital tools that can support the authorities’ decisions on introducing measures against Corona in the public space.

11 Jan 2021 in News

Today Nordic and Balitc technology startups are being invited to apply to a new challenge competition launched today, aimed at identifying innovative digital solutions to urban challenges that have become more urgent as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

29 Oct 2020 in News

The Nordic Smart City Network invites you to participate in their Healthy Livable Neighborhoods project kickoff webinar. Join to learn more about the project, green infrastructure and foodscapes in Nordic Cities

12 Oct 2020 in News

The Nordic Smart City Network has just now gained approval for the fifth project within the health project “Nordic Healthy Cities”. The project will be about sleep monitoring and the aim is to improve the sleep of residents with cognitive impairments at nursing homes in a cross Nordic collaboration. Together with the other four projects in the “Nordic Healthy Cities” this project will serve to improve health and the quality of life through data-driven development and new innovative practices.

8 Oct 2020 in News

Would you like to know more about green transition and energy-efficient development projects in Aarhus? We invite you to this year's energy conference.

29 Sep 2020 in News

Rasmus Malmborg is a Senior Innovation Advisor at Nordic Innovation and works with the Health, Demography and Quality of Life program.
We have had an inspiring talk with Rasmus about smart city visions and unique Nordic solutions to urban challenges.

21 Sep 2020 in News

Healthy cities roundtable: Helping the Nordic cities solve their challenges

17 Aug 2020 in News

Can we develop a joint Nordic smart city model as a human-centred alternative to the American and Chinese models? The answer is yes. Municipalities and organizations from all over the Nordic countries are now working together to define a smart city model based on Nordic social values.

30 Jun 2020 in News

The Nordic Smart City Network has decided on four collaboration projects Within Nordic Innovations Health program, “Nordic Healthy Cities”. The four projects will test new innovative practices to tackle health effects in future urban areas.
By sharing knowledge and learnings from innovation projects and by collaborating with private businesses, the Nordic cities will scale successful projects within their city to other partner cities.
The Nordic Cities will collaborate on: Coordinating innovation projects on e.g. mobility, citizen engagement, data intelligence etc., help develop a new joint Nordic Marked within the field of Smart Cities, sharing information about relevant companies to support projects and activities amongst Nordic cities.

25 Mar 2020 in News

The Nordic Smart City Network (NSCN) received funding for a new collaboration project, Nordic Healthy Cities, that runs until April 2022. The project has a total budget of 10.200.000 NOK of which 5.000.000 NOK is direct funding from Nordic Innovation.

13 Jan 2020 in News

The project financed by Nordic Innovation emphasized collaboration and sharing of best practice among the partner cities of the Nordic Smart Cities Network. Five thematic projects were kickstarted in the fall 2018 and have been running in 2019. The collaborative mode of working has enabled sharing of best practices and living lab methods in many ways.